Homebuilding Process

Our Homebuilding Process

Owning a home is the American Dream. Your decision on building that home should not only be about today but also about what tomorrow brings.

Let's Get Started!

What to Expect

From our initial consultation to turning over the keys, we keep you informed and part of the building process from start to finish.

Initial Meeting

  • A personal relationship is established with the first meeting. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.
  • Information is exchanged so that the client feels comfortable and fully confident with the Piney Island Construction team.
  • The client’s current situation, desired building location, home style, family size and/or unique needs are some of the topics that may be discussed.
  • The client’s general needs/wants are taken into consideration.
  • The client’s needs are discussed to determine lot location versus design in regard to priority and budget.
  • The client’s budget parameters are reviewed to determine the design process and selection of optional features.
  • In house plan design is available if needed or we can work from a plan of the client’s choosing.
  • We also offer many plans that the client may peruse and adjust as needed.

The Engineering Agreement

  • The client agrees to an engineering agreement with Piney Island Construction which allows us to create a preliminary home plan from which to create an accurate bid.
  • Lot protraction/perimeter survey is completed as needed to establish buildable area and topography.
  • A meeting is set up with one of our draftsmen to create the layout of a working plan.
  • The client creates a more detailed and concrete list of desired features for bidding.

Bidding the Project

  • This is done using a customized bid profile based on the client’s specific wants and needs.
  • All bids are scrutinized for accuracy.
  • Specification sheets are developed for the project.
  • This phase takes an average of 3-4 weeks.

Specifications and Pricing Review

  • Review the included features and pricing.
  • Make any adjustments as needed or desired.

The Contract

  • Establish and ratify a contract which includes agreed upon specifications, plans, builder specifications and draw schedules.
  • Client and builder walk the lot/job site together prior to construction
  • Client and builder have a pre-construction meeting to review all documents.
  • Piney Island Construction obtains all necessary permits.
  • Exterior/Interior selections are made by client with the help of our staff.
  • Meetings with kitchen designer and flooring supplier are arranged.
  • Electrical meetings for lighting/switch/outlet placement are arranged.
  • HVAC meetings are arranged to discuss layouts of equipment if necessary.
  • Low voltage meeting is arranged to determine placement of phone lines and cable pre-drywall.
  • On site landscape and hard surfaces consultation is arranged.

Construction Begins

  • You become part of the Piney Island Construction family!
  • Our average build time is 4-6 months, after permitting.
  • Pre-settlement walk through with builder at time of delivery
  • Inspection 9 months after delivery.