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Congratulations on your Piney Island home! We are your resource for any questions you may have regarding your new home or renovation. Use this homeowner section for emergency contact info, warranty requests, and tips for maintaining your new home. We welcome your family to the Piney Island family. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge for maintaining your home for years to come and the support for any of your Homeowner Service needs.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Home

Congratulations! You just bought your brand new Piney Island Home and are all settled in and making new memories with your family. There is much excitement around the purchase of a new home, however, it is very important to keep up with the maintenance of your home to keep it beautiful and functional throughout the seasons. This section offers home maintenance tips so you can keep your home feeling just as new as the day you got the keys.

  • Dust heating vents
  • Replace furnace filters (bi-monthly during cold season)
  • Place ice in garbage disposal to clean & sharpen (monthly)
  • Caulk and seal joints in bathrooms to prevent leaks (yearly)
  • Maintain pest control service (year-round)
  • Get HVAC serviced (Spring & Fall)
  • Clean gutters (as needed)
  • Clean clothes dryer duct of lint
  • Vacuum tracks and lubricate hinges on all doors and gates
  • Lubricate garage door

  • Clean tracks and weep holes of windows and caulk and spray with Silicone lubricant
  • Wash your homes exterior
  • Clean sink traps
  • Replace worn weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Check that drains and drainage swells are working properly
  • Test GFI circuits (monthly)
  • Replace furnace filters (monthly during cold season)
  • Chimney cleaning